Pleasure fem is about centering the many complex experiences of female pleasure. Female pleasure is often surrounded in shame and mystique. Looking at media, sexual pleasure can sometimes appear to be only visible or allowed when it is enjoyed by men.

That isn’t a reflection of reality. Female pleasure is real and should be celebrated. Our bodies are all we really have, we shouldn’t have to feel guilt or shame about our own physical pleasure. I started drawing female forms and figures in moments of intimate interactions and pleasure in order to explore these ideas and experiences more.

Every picture has a story, every expression means something. Every action and feeling involved in female pleasure deserves appreciation. I found through drawing moments of intimate pleasure, I’ve come to feel more connected to myself. This is my own experience. The examination of female pleasure has helped me to feel more empowered in my sexuality and liberated in my own body. I hope that you enjoy the posts, if you find it interesting or enjoyable please share! ❤